Bradford factor


Enter Absence Count (Number of occurrences) and Days Absent (Total Number of Absent Days) to calculate employee bradford factor.

Bradford Factor Calculator

You can add the Bradford Factor Calculator to your website in just a few minutes. It doesn't require any in depth technical knowledge, simply the ability to cut and paste the code snippet onto your website.

To publish a free copy of the Bradford Factor Calculator on your website, simply follow the instructions below. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us via iCalculator.


  1. Choose 'Popup Calculator' or 'Inline Calculator'
  2. Copy the code
  3. Paste the code within your website
  4. Save and publish your website file
  5. If using the 'Inline Calculator': Test the calculator viewing the web page(s) where you expect the calculator to appear
  6. If using the 'Popup Calculator': Test the calculator by clicking on the link on your webpage
  7. Any problems: Double check where you pasted the code to make sure there are no mistakes. If you still encounter issues, contact us via iCalculator
  8. Note: There is no 'Calculate' button. This is deliberate, the tool will calculate the bradford factor as the user types.

Example 1: Popup Bradford Factor Calculator

When you add the 'Popup Calculator' to your website, a text link will appear where you pasted the code. When one of your users clicks on that link, a popup window will appear with the Bradford Factor Calculator displayed, you/your users can then use the calculator as they read the article / example on your main website. An example of the 'Popup Calculator' is shown below.

Pop-up Bradford Factor Calculator (Click here to use the Bradford Factor Calculator)

Code for Popup Bradford Factor Calculator

Example 2: Inline Bradford Factor Calculator

When you add the 'Inline Calculator' to your website, the Bradford Factor Calculator will appear in the location you pasted the text. This is useful when you want to provide the tool directly alongside supporting information or as a separate tool as part of the resources on your website. An example of the 'Inline Calculator' is shown below.

Code for Inline Bradford Factor Calculator

Conditions of use

You are welcome to embed the Bradford Factor Calculator on as many of your website / webpages as you like as long as you stick to these rules.

  1. You may not alter the code in any shape or form
  2. You must not remove the links to the full calculator. This detracts from the user experience and prevents us getting the occasional visitor from you. Like you, we depend on visitors to do what we do so play fairly!
  3. You may not pass the code on in the pretext that it is your or any other persons work. When discussing with third parties, the calculators must be attributed to us.
  4. You may not sell the script on its own or as part of a website without our prior permission.
  5. If you would like to do any of the above, contact us. We are happy to provide brand free, link free customisations of these and our other tax and finance calculators for a small fee.

Additional Bradford Factor Resources

For further information on The Bradford Factor (Use, Implementation and Record Keeping), please review our Bradford Factor guides and management strategy information.