Bradford Factor

Return to Work (RTW) Interview Checklist 1
- Pre-Interview checks

You can download the Imnterview Checklist in pdf format here: Return to Work (RTW) Interview Checklist 1 - Pre-Interview checks

e.g. interview lettersentComplete, reply received 03.02.14
Letter advising of RTW interview a) Record date letter sent and how, posted or hand delivered?
b) Give enough time to facilitate their attendance, but as soon as is possible after the return to work.
c) State who may attend
Confirmation of attendancea) Confirmation received, is it a verbal or written response?
b) Confirm who is accompanying them
c) Record date received
Gather information about absence(s)a) Details of recent absence
b) Details of any previous absences, during the last year
c)Explore any trends, patterns, triggers
d) recurring/underlying illness
e) Put a pack of information together to take to meeting. Ensure that it is factual and does not contain anything defamatory or antagonistic. e.g. It may be appropriate as an aide memoir to say 'several absences have been during school holidays', but not 'this person always goes sick during school breaks'
Booking venuea) Book a room, allowing enough time for the interview to take place
b) Check surroundings are appropriate, private? comfortable? DDA needs?
c) Check facilities, refreshments, tissues?

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