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Return to Work (RTW) Interview Checklist 2
- During Interview checks

You can download a free copy of this form in pdf format here: Return to Work (RTW) Interview Checklist 2 - During Interview checks

e.g. interview lettersentComplete, reply received 03.02.14
Check venue shortly before interviewa) confirm facilities and venue still suitable
Welcome the interviewee back to worka) be sincere
b) confirm that they are fit to return to work
c) Advise that you are using a checklist to record details and make notes to ensure that nothing is missed. Advise that they will receive a summary of the interview in writing subsequent to the meeting.
Discuss reasons for recent absencea) Have your information pack available to refer to.
b) Explore reasons for absence, use open ended questions.
c) Explore what may have caused or exacerbated the absence.
Discuss all absences, as necessarya) Explore any trends, patterns, triggers that may appear. Be sensitive to the fact that the employee may feel defensive about these issues, or reluctant to discuss circumstances.
b) Discuss what help is available, particularly if there is a recurring illness or an identified underlying medical condition.
Advise on possible actionsa) identify what may happen if attendance remains unsatisfactory
b) Provide details of warnings system in place.
Develop an action plan, as necessary.a) Use attached action plan guide.

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