Bradford Factor

Return to Work (RTW) Interview Checklist 3
- Action Plan

Amend as necessary. Identify concerns and agree what viable action can be taken to address the concern, in order to have an effective team member. It is important to have a time bound plan with identified owners of tasks. Below is an example of what themes can be used as a support structure.

Issue RaisedActionBy whomBy whenProgress update
Record of meetinge.g. Provide summary of interview to Jo SmithMark Brown11.02.14Hand delivered on 10.02.14
Provide summary of interview to (employee name)(Interviewer name)
Employee name, agree, sign and return one copy to (Interviewer name)(employee name
Referral to Occupational Health Services
Referral to counselling services * identify funding
Develop timetable for medical appointments/intervention
Complete workplace risk assessment
Complete Work-Life-Balance application
Complete Reduced Hours application
Complete DDA assessment
Ongoing monitoring
Further meetings

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For further information on The Bradford Factor (Use, Implementation and Record Keeping), please review our Bradford Factor guides and management strategy information.