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What is Statutory Sick Pay?

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is paid by employers to eligible employees who have been absent from work through illness for a minimum of 4 consecutive days, including nonworking days. There is no entitlement for 3 days or less, unless you've received SSP during the previous 8 weeks and remain eligible. It is paid as per normal wages and has the usual Tax and National Insurance deductions applied.

How much is SSP?

The weekly rate for SSP is £87.55 and it is paid for a maximum of 28 weeks. It is possible for an employee to receive more than this if in a 'company sick pay scheme' or 'occupational scheme'. However, it is illegal to receive less than this in a week. (It is pro-rated, so if an employee is not absent for a full week, they will not receive a full week SSP, because they will receive normal pay). An employee may receive multiple payments, if they have more than one employer.

If an employee believes that they are not receiving the correct SSP and their employer believes that it is correct, they can contact Her Majestys Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on:

HMRC employees' enquiry line

Telephone:0300 200 3500
Textphone:0300 200 3519
Business hoursMonday to Friday
8am to 5pm

Statutory Sick Pay Eligibility

In order to qualify for SSP, an employee must:

Statutory Sick Pay Exceptions

An employee won't qualify if:

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